Benefits & Facilities

A Place to Be Inspired

Mello House was formed as a place where boundaries between individuals of all ages, origins and cultural backgrounds dissolve and bonds are formed through the chemistry of gathering and sharing ideas and thoughts.
Members have access to a curated line up of engaging, challenging and inspirational guest speakers, forums and events with a broad range of topics designed to educate and stimulate.

A Place to Work differently

Reflecting that to be productive you don’t need to be bound by a traditional office, Mello House provides a contemporary space for those that thrive on being surrounded by a diverse network of engaging and connected individuals.
We’ll help you get the most of your day with light filled work areas and private meeting rooms providing all the services you need and expect for getting the job done.

A place to Relax

Knowing that the best of life comes from the right balance of work and pleasure, Mello House provides a mix of calm & intimate spaces and communal lounge areas to relax and unwind.
With all day dining, access to an extensive selection of wine, craft beer and artisan spirits and evening cocktail service, we’ll make sure you’re well looked after.

Reciprocal Club Network

Alma, Stockholm Club Matador, Madrid  Park House – The Spoke Club, Toronto –  Mandala, Singapore – Middle House, Shanghai – The Stack, Cape Town – House 17 in Luxemburg St James Club, Paris The Battery Club, San Francisco 1880, Singapore Berrima Vault House, Sydney Lawson Flats, Perth